3 Must Try Surface Sewing Techniques On Natural Cork Fabric

    If you are feeling that you have no inspiration for your next DIY sewing project, then this blog article is for you :)
    Follow along and get some new ideas for your designs:
  • to start you’ll need a solid color cork fabric. Here we’ve used square panels of measurements 6/6 inches;

Stripes Thread Embroidery 

  • mark the stripe lines;
  • fill your bobbin with an embroidery thread;
  • now let the top thread be the normal sewing thread;
  • start stitching your stripes with the backing side facing you;
  • stitch along those marked lines;
  • make sure you leave some excess thread while cutting;
  • make an edge stitch on either side and cut out the excess thread;
  • repeat the same on the other side;
  • now add more stitch lines with normal machine thread in between;
  • this will give you a alternate thin and heavy stripes; 
  • our first embroidery swatch is now ready;


Patch Work 

  • don’t throw away your cutting waste from previous projects; 
  • cut them into abstract shapes and patch it to a cork fabric;
  • cut and paste the shape you like on to the fabric;
  • make a very close edge stitch along the patch as shown;
  • stitch along all the sides of the patch and you are done with you second swatch;
  • pretty and abstract patch work is now ready;


Swatch Lines

  • now we are going to use strips of cork with different width to make the weave;
  • alternate up and down method to make the weave (as shown);
  • continue until the edge. Hold the edge together and paste it as shown;
  • stitch the sides of the panel to avoid bulging and slippage;

Your swatches are now ready!

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