5 Cork Gifts Ideas For Father's Day

Father's Day is 19 days away and now it's the perfect time to get the perfect gift for him, and what's better than cork?
Knowing the importance of this date, we have created a special Father's Day Sales for you to get a good quality goodie at surprising low price. Here's some ideas:
1.  Cork Bow Tie
A special gift for a special occasion, our handmade cork bow ties are just perfect for a man with style.
2. Cork Wallet
The best cruelty-free alternative to a leather wallet. Surprise your dad with this organic present.
3. Cork Belt
A belt is more than an accessory, is a must have in a men's wardrobe, so why not have a cork one to add to the collection?
4. Cork Cufflinks
Cork cufflinks are just the thing to give to the shirts a special brightness, and we have them at a very special price.
5. Cork Watch
Don't let your father be late ever again, get him a MB Cork's watch with cork straps.

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