Exclusive Printed Cork Fabrics

Sheer diversity of collections and innovations are what make us the connoisseur of Fabrics and beyond. The very first phase of our digital prints start with tons of research and experimentation. Each design, style and color are chosen according to trend analysis to give a fabric with which, you can create accessories and more look top notch.

A chic assortment of pretty florals, catchy animal prints, intriguing abstract prints and many more now available in a vegan cork fabric. Charismatic, the collection is finished on a base of soft cotton, create flattering and unique products now with ease. We are thrilled to see the exciting results and outcomes of your latest projects with our printed cork collection.

-These are easy to sew into any complex design.

-They do not bleed color and are waterproof.

-New, smart and interesting patterns.

- PETA Approved Vegan Leather Natural Cork Fabric


Scallop Fan Florals


Brushy Mountain Waves


Botanical Floral Bursts


Checkered Chess Leopard Print


Ethnic Elephant Animal Print


Blue Poppies


Lovely White Daisy Pattern


Red Poppies


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