How to Make a Cork Laptop Sleve Bag

 Laptop cases are a must have in these digital and technological days we are living in. And what's better than to have an unique one that nobody has? 

Follow these steps and create your own computer case using natural and sustainable cork fabrics:


  • We’ll need an elastic band and some cork fabric to complete this product;


  • To draft your rectangular pattern: measure your laptop’s height and length;

  • Here is a paper mock up of the pattern along with the stitch process;


  • Height-Add double the height of your laptop along with the width for the body+ 3/4 height of laptop for flap + 1/2” seam allowance , Length: total length of laptop+ 1” seam allowance;

  • After you cut your pattern on fabric, place the fabric and check preview before sewing;
  •  Make sure you cut the elastic band according to the length of your laptop;
  • As shown in the paper mock, let’s start by folding (1/2”) and stitching the inside corner of the sleeve;

  • Pin or clip together your elastic band to the fabric on either sided (1” below the fold line) and make a stay stitch;
  •  Mark notches on either sides, fold and pin the fabric and stitch it together at 1/8” seam allowance as shown;

  • Now turn the sleeve inside out;
  • To remove the bulking, make a top stitch of 1/8” seam allowance on either sides;

  • Check if your laptop is fitting into the shell to proceed further;
  • To complete the triangular flap… fold the rectangular top corner inwards and crease it;

  • Stitch the corners as shown along the diagonal line;

  • Stitch the bottom line of the flaps;


  A quick, compact, handmade laptop sleeve is ready!

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