How to Make a Cork Zipper Purse with Flower Stitch

Welcome to our creative corner, where we delve into the realm of unique fashion accessories that blend craftsmanship and sustainability. In today's blog post, we're thrilled to present a step-by-step sewing tutorial that will guide you through the process of creating a chic and eco-friendly cork purse.
In this prototype, we have used a rustic black cork fabric along with some magenta and brown cork fabric bits.
Similarly choose your base cork fabric and for the patch work take some cork cut outs from your previous projects. Prepare the base paper pattern and the flower pattern:
  • mark all your pattern pieces ;
  • cut the petals and arrange in circular format;
  • cut the main cork panels and the inside lining panels ;
  • prepare your zipper before stitching ;
  • burn, buff and edge finish the petals with a marker or edge paint ;
  • attach a zipper puller that looks just like the petal, fold and place it on the d-ring;
  • stitch the prepared zipper and the loop ;


Once your components are ready attach the prepared panels together and your mini cork floral purse is now ready :)

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