How To Make a DIY Office File Folder Using Natural Cork Fabric

  Here's some tips on how to make another office must-have (I'm assuming you read the previous blog post).

So get some natural cork fabrics and follow these steps on how to make a Cork folder for your files and papers:

  • we are going to make three inside pockets to store our documents, notebook and stationery;
  • and one front pocket;
  • for the front pocket cut alphabet according to your design with any small left over piece of fabric;

  • we’ll need an inside pocket panel (height=9”, width=21.5”);

  • cut the front and lining panels with same measurements (height= 15.5”, width 23”);
  • to prepare the front patch glue your design on the pocket, also fold the top front of the pocket as shown;

  • fold the top of the inside pocket and glue it as shown;
  • the side position we’ll be attaching the Velcro;

  • check preview with all cut pieces before sewing;

  • now stitch the top portion of the pocket;

  • stitch the patch pieces to the pocket panel as shown. Make an edge stitch;

  • now stitch the top of the inside prepared pocket panel;


  • the finished corner should be toward the right and the raw edge should be on the left;

 make a stay stitch on the three sides;

  • make a half inche stay stitch on the lining panel as shown to mark seam allowance;

  • in between the pocket and the seam allowance attach one half of the Velcro as shown;

  • stitch the 4 sides of the Velcro as shown;

  • now let’s prepare the outer shell of the file;

  • pin the pocket panel as shown and stitch the 3 sides;

  • now attach the other half of the Velcro as shown;

  • after you glue the Velcro check once if the two pieces are aligning properly;

  • after we stitch the Velcro we’ll be closing the side seams with half inch seam allowance;

  • now let’s stitch the pasted Velcro patch as shown;

  • first start with stitching the top portion of the folder as shown;

  • after you stitch it. Now divide your inside pockets and make a stitch as shown;

  • mark the mid point of the pocket like this; 

  • after marking stitch on these lines;
  • after you stitch the pocket lines , stitch the sides of the lining and the cork panels;

  •  now Stitch the bottom portion of the folder with a minimum of 3” gap;

  • after you stitch it turn the panel inside out through the gap;

  • now to remove bulk Make an edge stitch around the sides, make a centre divider stitch to partition the file;

  • add a backing sheet or mount board to give it rigidity (if needed);

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