How to Make a Natural Cork Crossbody Sling Bag DIY Tutorial

A sling bag is designed to be worn comfortably across the chest or back and secured to the body with a cross-shoulder style strap. So this makes it the perfect choice to wear during all seasons of the year.
And what's better than to wear one that's unique and made by you with one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable sewing material, Cork?
Grab some natural cork fabrics and follow these instructions:
  • to make your checks mark the grid lines in your pattern sheet and add stitching allowance;
  • these are the cut pieces of our cork sling;
  • cut your lining pieces in the same size as your other cork panels;
  • let’s first prepare the outer shell to make a grid;
  • cut horizontal and vertical stripe lines and place them to the marked lines;
  • we’ll be stitching it as shown in the sample above;
  • first glue the vertical stripes according to the notches; 
  • now make an edge stitch on either side of the stripes;
  • let’s attach the horizontal stripes by gluing;
  • stitch along the corners of the stripes;
  • now use the prepared zipper and attach it on either sides of the panel;
  • make a 1/4inch stitch as shown;
  • now the front and back panels are attached to the zipper;
  • stitching along the lining as shown; 
  • stitch the other lining panel also in the same way;

  • to remove the bulk push the seam allowance in the downward direction abs make a top stitch;
  • add the side and bottom panels of the lining to complete the bag pocket;
  • attach the side and bottom panels first with 1/4inch seam allowance;
  • pin it along the lining and stitch it together and stitch it;
  • now pin along the other side and stitch it together with a small gap in the bottom; 

  • this is how your pocket bag will look after stitching;
  • now attach the sides and bottom of the shell;
  • stitch along the sides of the front with 1/4 inch seam allowance as show;
  • make small attachment straps with D-rings;
  • patch Stitch it on either sides of the bag;
  • now attach the other open side in the side way;
  • through the open end in the lining turn the bag inside out and hand sew the open lining end;

  • knot the cork cords to your D-rings;
  • add an additional cork tassel if necessary;

Your Cork Sling Bag is Ready!

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