How to Make a Natural Cork Envelope Wristlet Keychain Button Purse

We can’t help but love a good keychain – you can really make whatever shape you like, no reason needed!

This is a complete step-by-step tutorial with pictures and a video, and these type of envelope keychains make great gifts!

And the best part is that they're sustainable and eco-friendly, as they're made with natural cork fabric from Portugal, a cruelty-free alternative to animal leather that's extracted from the Cork oak trees:

  • you’ll need to choose the cork fabric of your preference, snap buttons and metal hooks; 
  • cut your envelope panels and strap panels as shown here;
  • make sure the strap width and the d-ring on the hook sits well;
  • stick together the two cut strap pieces;
  • fold 1/2 inch allowance to the inside panel as shown;
  • now make an edge stitch on the strap;
  • now check if the strap is working well with the hook;
  • fold the edges as shown and check the length;
  • edge finish the strap before stitching the strap;
  • first apply the bond solution;
  • once the bond solution drys;
  • then apply the edge color on the dried bond solution;
  • now stick together the panels with the loops in the side;
  • make sure the edges are neatly placed together and then stick them together;
  • make an edge stick as shown;
  • after you stitch the strap attach the hook;
  • edge finish the enebelope similar to the strap edge; 
  • now sew the snap buttons by hand neatly;

 Your cute little envelope keychain is now ready :)

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