How to Make a Natural Cork Organizer

Let’s make a cork everyday organizer!

You’ll need 2 pieces of the rectangular pattern (one for the front and one for the back). On the front side we will be attaching a patch pocket with an envelope flap.  The measurements for each are given below!

 Main panel measurements:

  • Length: 23 cm 
  • Height: 18.5
  • Dart: 2 cm (from each corner)

Envelope panel measurements: 

  • Length of the flap: 17.5 cm
  • Height: 7.5 cm
  • Length of patch top: 18 cm
  • Length of patch bottom: 17.5 cm
  • Height: 11 cm


Cut your pieces and keep them ready! To provide more sturdy to the panels, paste a cardboard backing in the same shape.
To prepare your linings:

With the same measurements as your main panels cut 1 piece as shown above on your lining fabric with a zipper vent.
Cut 2 pieces of the T-shaped pattern. Stitch them together and turn it inside out to hide away the raw edges. 
Add an elastic band to the prepared lining piece and give 3-4 stitches according to your needs. We have given 4 vertical stitches here in this model.

To prepare the other side of the lining cut 1 piece with the same measurements as your main panel. 
Cut another piece with the same bottom measurements along with darts but with a smaller height preferably 5 cm smaller in height than the main panel. But make sure it is also 5 cm wider. 
Add an elastic thread and stitch this side to match the measurements of it to the bottom side.
Now your front panel, back panel and lining panels are ready!

Stitch together the Front main cork panels along with the gasset!
Now stitch the zipper to the front and back cork panels
Stitch the other open side of the zipper to the lining and complete the organiser 😊
Make additional cork zipper pullers and loops (for your pencils, keys and more), it will surely oomph up your products
Your cork Organizer is now ready!

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