How to Make a Quilted Zipper Pouch Bag Using Natural Cork Fabric

Zipper pouches are so in right now and they're actually super easy and quick to DIY. So, to make things more interesting, we'll show you how to make a quilted pouch using our natural cork fabric.

All you’ll need is 2 panels of cork fabric, zipper, matching thread, foam sheets and a lining material:

  • Tack your cork fabric with the lining and sandwich the quilting foam between the two. Make sure you mark the checks on the lining side with a mild fabric marker;
  • Start with a stay stitch at the boarder. This will hold your layers in place;
  • Now stitch along the horizontal and vertical markings of the checks;
  • Make sure you see the face side of the panel often to know if the stitches are falling in place;
  • Now your quilted panel is ready;

  • Attach the zipper to the plain and quilted panels of the pouch;
  • Pin the zipper neatly to avoid slippage or uneven stitches. Fold and Top stitch the zipper to avoid bulkiness;

  • Now stitch together the sides of the cork panels and finish the raw edges with a bais tape;

  • While turning the pouch to the face side make sure you push the corners with a mild pressure. This will make your corners look neat;

Taadaa! Your quilted cork pouch is ready

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