How to Make Cork Case for Earpods

Why should you carry around your earpods in a case that everyone has?
Time to be original and create your own using natural and sustainable materials. Grab a few natural cork fabrics and get started:
  • measure your EarPods and note them down;

  • cut three panels according to your measurements;
  • soak your panes in water for 10 mins;
  • pat dry them with a towel;
  • cover your EarPods case for safety;
  • with the help of small paper clips place the damp cork fabric panels on the case and clip them as shown;
  • clip all 4 sides and let it set for 3-4 hours;
  • remove all the clips and your mould is now ready (soaking for too long may result is chipping brown aware);
  • keep two flat magnets to make the closure;
  • stick the three moulded panels as shown;
  • now mark your edges to stitch them;
  • cut out the top portion as shown;
  • place your case inside and check the height of the opening;
  • mark the excess and cut it out;
  • now place the case inside and check the fit;
  • mark the charge socket at the bottom and cut it out neatly;
  • glue the front two panels along with the one magnet;
  • stitch the three sides as shown;
  • now cut out the excess fabric;
  • make a small flap to complete the case along with the other magnet;
  • cut 2 pieces of the flap;
  • stitch two square pieces together with the magnet then trace the flap pattern and cut it;
  • now stitch along the corner of the flap;
  • make sure you can place a hook at the back of the flap;
  • neatly apply bond solution on the edges as shown and let it dry;
  • similarly apply the bond solution on the flap as well;
  • prepare the edge color and apply it once the bond solution is dry;
  • when the two half’s are dry hand sew the open end along with the hook;

A cute cork case is now ready

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