How to Make Cork Phone Cases (DIY Tutorial)

Cell phone cases come in different sizes and shapes, and sometimes is very difficult to find the perfect one for you. Whether you don't like the available colors, or you just think is way more expensive than it should be.

That's why we created this article, where we teach you how you can make your own phone case using our natural cork fabrics. Just choose between an amazing large variety of patterns and colors and get started:


  • use your old phone case as a mold;
  • nicely rub the case with a sandpaper;
  • let's prepare and stick the three sides of the case to the cork fabric;
  • make sure your apply the glue on all the corners and evenly throughout the mould;
  • now stick the three sides to the fabric;
  • cut away the excess fabric and stick through the corners neatly;
  • buff the corners with a sandpaper again and make it even;
  • to cut out the camera window mark a star line as shown and slash them;
  • glue them in the corner of the shape and stick it as shown;
  • cut out the excess and make sure you give enough pressure and stick the corners;
  • similarly cut out the other we vents of the case; 
  • cut a inner linning piece according to the shape of the case and stick it;
  • now to finish the raw edges, mix and first apply some filler on it;
  • apply the filler on all the open edges;
  • add a second coat to get a cleaner finish;
  • mix your edge color solution to get the perfect shade;
  • apply the edge color throughout after the filler is dry;
  • similarly apply the color to the other open ends;

Your cork phone case is now ready :)

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