How to Sew a DIY Natural Cork Purse

Purses come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors. They're so pratical and useful to have if you find the right one that fits your needs.

However, if you don't find one you can always make your own. Follow these steps to make a DIY natural cork purse and start creating:
  • You’ll need a natural cork fabric
  • CUT- pattern of size measurements- Height: 7.75 inches, Width: 5.5 inches and edge it;
  • first apply the bond solution then apply an edging solution to the panel; 
  • use appropriate buffing tool and applicators;
  • after the edging is done you are now ready to sew;
  • fold the panel into half and mark notches to attach zipper;
  • pin the zipper to the panel as shown;
  • make a back tack (3stitches);
  • now pin the zipper as shown;
  • after pinning it stitch them together (0.25 inches seam allowance);
  • make sure the corners are stitched more patiently;
  • now fold the other side and pin  it along with the zipper;
  • stitch them together at 0.25 inches seam allowance;
  • turn it inside out and check preview;
  • make a top stitch on either side of the zipper as shown;
  • similarly stitch on the other side;
  • to finish the wallet make a 0.25inche stitch on the open side; 
  • fold the corner as shown and make a back tack;
  • give an edge stitch to  complete the inside;
  • Turn it inside out 

Your purse is ready!!

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