Quick Sewing Guide with Cork Fabric

High-quality cork is beautifully smooth and pliable.  It's soft to the touch and has a stroke able softness. The fabric is made in such a way that it will retain these properties even after sewing.  It does not dry, become brittle or flake with age.  The character and drape are similar to that of leather/ rubber. Here are a few easy steps to sew them: 

  •     Stitch length = construction 3mm (generally)
  •     Topstitch 3.5-4mm (the thicker the layers, the longer the stitch length.
  •     Needle size = 80-90 (universal).  You can use leather needles.
  •     To secure your stitches, make a back-tack. In most prominent places try to secure your stitches by knotting the threads in the inside area.
  •     Cork doesn't fray. But, always remember to conceal the edges because the backing might fray.
  •     Cork does not crease, if you want folds, you will need to stitch them in. If you find a mild fold line you can safely iron it on a medium heat setting. 
  •     Cork can happily be sewn on home machines (max 3-4 layers).
  •     Use rivets in case of bulkiness. 
  •     Use sewing clips/double-sided tape/glue to hold pattern pieces together, avoid using pins.
  • Cork is perfect for bags as it is very durable and it is water and dirt repellent. 

  •  Here is a small tutorial video we made for you :)

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