The Story of Cork and Women's Cork Products

Happy International Women's Day! Today we want to share with you our story about cork and women's cork products.

Our journey began with using cork material to create small coin purses and crossbody bags for women. Our first seamstress and cork crafter was a woman named Bão Raimundo. The first cork bracelet also came from a female artisan, Joana, who handcrafted it herself.

Starting from a small attic studio, we gradually developed and expanded our product line. As more and more cork products were developed, they were loved and appreciated by eco-conscious women everywhere. Today, 60% of our company is made up of female employees who have played an important role in promoting and developing our cork products.

On this special day, we want to express our appreciation and congratulate all women for their contributions to society. We promise to continue bringing you innovative and inspiring cork products that not only look good, but are also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Thank you for your support, and once again, Happy International Women's Day!


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