5 Cork Bag Trends for this Spring/Summer 21

The sun is shining in its complete glory and it's time to get some natural newness to your wardrobe. The season’s biggest bag trends are now available to in our versatile cork material. After months of staying indoor, it’s now time to slay and enjoy this Summer. For the perfect bags to welcome you back to reality, we have curated the best and biggest bag trends for spring/summer 2021.

Make room for a Vegan carryall in your summer wardrobe update. The casual, baggy style was a focal point to fit in all your essentials with ease.

This season's sleek take on the tote handbag will get you all excited. With angular shapes, they are sleek and pretty but still just as practical as before. This handbag trend is certainly one to watch for.

This structured bucket bag with a chunky metal chain makes it a great addition to your wardrobe. Luckily, this bag has you covered when you need a quick yet trendy shoulder bag to step out on casual occasions.

Feel the essence and energy of summer with our satchel bag. Looking to add more color to your wardrobe?? Here’s your new best friend.

A dreamy Cork Backpack with an art print is a sure win. It’s newness and comfort are sure to surprise you. Must haves in your summer wardrobe.

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