5 Jewelry Pieces You Can Make At Home With Cork

If you happen to be a jewelry enthusiast as well as a creative person, you're definitely in the right place. We invite you to see how easy it is to make jewelry with our supplies so you can start using your own designs, offer them as gifts or even sell them.
Give Cork a try and make your own piece using this wonderful gift from Nature.
1. Four Circles Cork Necklace 
A beautiful piece and very easy to make. You just need a few items and you're ready to go:

2. Braided Bracelets 

With a few knots you can make these beautiful pieces. Just have to choose your colours and get started:

3. Cork Fabric Earrings

How about start using earrings with a bit of texture, sounds good right? Well they are very easy to make and you only need a few items:

  • Fabric Samples (You can use a samples pack instead of buying full sheets of fabric if you want to have more variety)
  • Earrings Clasps
  • Clasp (Depends on the size and colour you want, you can choose from our clasp collection)

4. Cork Jewelry Set (Ring and Bracelet)

Making a set is very easy, you just need to have matching colours our sliders. Here you can see how to make some rings and a beautiful mosaic set with a few items:

5. Cork Watches

Making a cork watch is not that difficult with the help of our tutorial and with the right items:


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