5 Sustainable Gifts For Your Valentine's Day

 As the Valentine's Day is approaching (February, 14th) you better start thinking about what gift can you offer your loved one, specially if you are planning on buying it online. We do have a suggestion for a gift to make this special day unique:
CORK GOODIES (of course)
 We took some time to make you this list of possible choices.
1. A Beautiful Cork Purse From Our New Collection
 You have many options to choose from, but take a look into our latest collection and see what's new and what your half might enjoy.
2. An Unique Cork Backpack
 You may have already seen our backpack collection, but did you really pay attention to it? We have dozens of available patterns and models that you can choose from. It's just a matter of time until you find the perfect one.
3. Mesmerizing Cork Jewelry
 We know this sounds cliché, but jewelry always works, even more when it's handmade organic jewelry.
4. Cork Sandals For The Summer Time
 We know that the Summer is not here yet, but is always nice to be prepared and have a pair of these ones around.
5. An Eccentric Cork Hat
 If your other half is into hats she must have a cork one. It's fresh, light and have an unique texture.
1. One Of Our Special Cork Wallets
  We have them for all tastes (big or small, spacious or compact) and in several colours. Check them all and find what's suits him best.
2. A Watch With Cork Straps 
 If your loved one is a fan of watches then you can't go wrong with a cork watch. (Click on the photo to see them all) 
3. A Cork Belt Is Always Handy
 A vegan leather belt is always great, specially when it has the texture of cork. (Click on the photo to see them all)
4. Cork Cufflinks For The Shirts
 Who said cork can't be fancy? Our cork cufflinks are just perfect for any occasion. (Click on the photo to see them all)
5. A Pair Of Cork Sunglasses 
 A pair of these beauties can make anybody be eco-friendly with style. (Click on the photo to see them all)

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