5 Types Of Cork Bags You Should Own in 2020

A bag is more than a simple item that allows you to carry your stuff around, it's an accessory that dictates you aesthetic. That's why it's important to have one for every occasion and event.
A new year is a great opportunity to reformulate your bag collection and make it vegan, organic and sustainable. So why not this beautiful present from Mother Nature, Cork?
   1. The Handbag
 A must have for every lady. Spacious enough to carry around the essencials and with the  body and style to complement your daily outfit.
   2. The Backpack
 This one is definitely a must have, specially if you like to travel or hiking. The very best option to go around anywhere with your hands free.

   3. The Duffle Bag

 It's just so pratical and spacious that makes it perfect for going to the gym or even to spend the weekend out.

   4. The Crossbody

  This one features a long strap that allows it to hang across the body on the shoulder. Is surely a most have for this Summer Collection.

   5. The Clutch

 Our cork clutches are design to have a small strap that you can wear in your wrists (kind of like a wristlet) and can easily be worn both with casual and dresses.


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