Happy World Vegan Day!

Veganism is all about being thoughtful, positive and kind towards animals, and this is the message we have been constantly trying to set out and spread since day one. Honestly it’s an amazing feeling to be a vegan brand, we love animals and we consider them more like our family.
The festive month starts with the World Vegan Day on the 1st of November  and is celebrated to recognize how far the vegan movement has reached and to  highlight how accessible and beneficial this lifestyle has been. We at MB Cork are trying our best to encourage the vegan-curious community to adopt veganism by sharing advice, products, ideas and other. Here are a few baby steps to join the bandwagon:
  •  Identify vegan events (including virtual ones) in your locality and participate.
  • ·Support a local vegan brand/ businesses by promoting them via social media or personal recommendations
  • Hold a potluck with friends and family who are non-vegan
  • ·  Sample a new vegan recipe. 
  •   Help out an animal rescue team.

Your small steps can make a huge difference. So, what are your plans for the day?

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