How To Make a Cork Belt Bag

The surge in popularity of belt bags is due to a shift towards casual, relaxed fashion that is both functional and stylish.

This little bucket can be worn around the waist like a belt or around the neck His bag can be fastened with a buckle and triple his slide His straps allow you to adjust the fit to fit your silhouette comfortably I can.

There are a few steps to make your own perfect Cork belt bag:

  • you’ll need 2 rectangular pieces of cork fabric and 2 lining pieces as shown;
  • one pocket panel and a lining fabric for the same;
  • side panel: again 2 cork panels and 2 lining panels;
  • bottom panels: 1 rectangular cork panel and 1 lining panel;
  • you’ll need to prepare the sling strap and edge it;
  • similarly prepare 2 straps of 4 inches for D-ring attachment; 
  • prepare your zipper as shown;
  • fold 0.5 inches inward on the pocket flap and make a stitch;
  • to the pocket panel stitch together the lining as shown;
  • after attaching the lining you’ll be making a corner stay stitch on the body panel;
  • come let’s start stitching the pocket flap and the lining;
  • pin them together neatly and stitch them as shown;
  • push the lining panel downwards and make an edge stitch; 
  • now attach the body panel and the pocket flap by making an edge stay stitch;
  • pin it together and stitch the three sides;
  • now your front panel is ready with the pocket;
  • add the belt loops to your back panel;
  • firstly stick the panels to check placement;
  • make double-edge stitches to secure the belt loops;
  • now your back panel is ready;
  • attach the side and bottom panels;
  • stitch together the zipper to the front and the back panels;
  • first stitch the front panel and the zipper piece;
  • now stitch the back panel and the zipper piece together;
  • before you stitch the sides and the bottom panel, add the straps with the D-rings;
  • secure the strap and the D-ring  and prepare it;
  • make a stay stitch with the straps in an inverted T shape as shown;
  • now attach the sides and the bottom;
  • let’s attach the 2 prepared pieces;
  • make sure you also remove the zipper bulk by making a top stitch on either side;
  • clean and flat zipper finish;
  • pin together the sides and the panel and make a neat stitch;
  • when it’s ready to stitch the open sides together;
  • similar to your D-ring attachment, add the hooks to the prepared belt straps;
  • cut your lining pieces as shown;
  • that’s the zipper lining facing and cut 2 panels for the liner lining body panels;
  • make a slit on the marked mirrored Y as shown;
  • now stitch together the zipper facing and the body panels together;
  • press iron the panels to get a neat look;
  • push out the slit lines and iron that too;
  • now stitch together both the sides with the prepared panels;
  • your lining pocket bag is ready;
  • place the lining bag as shown;
  • hand sew the open side of the lining and the cork bag;
  • turn the bag inside out and add the belt straps to it;

Your super catch scarlet red belt bag is ready :)

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