How to Make a DIY Natural Cork Strawberry Zipper Purse

A compact zipper purse can be very useful in our daily lives, as they're practical and can fit pretty much in every bag. And what if we told you that you can easily make one shaped like a cute strawberry? 
Follow these steps and start creating:
  • we are going to be tracing the patterns 
  • to make an abstract strawberry shape;
  • take the backside of the cork fabric and trace the pattern;
  • trace and Cut.2 pieces on fold as shown;
  • similarly trace and cut the stem portion of the purse as shown (cut.2 pieces on fold);
  • post cutting your pieces should look like this;
  • we are going to attach the zipper to the panels now;
  • pin it as shown with the zipper puller facing the front of the fabric; 
  • now stitch along the curve with 1/4” inch seam allowance;
  • make a top stitch to remove bulk ones;
  • similarly pin and stitch the zipper to the other panel;
  • make a top stitch on this too;
  • now to finish the purse stitch the open side of it together;
  • turn it inside out after stitching it;
  • attach the two stem pieces temporarily with glue;
  • stick it to the stitched pouch;
  • hand-sew the edges and the leaves to the pouch to finish it;

Your strawberry coin purse is ready

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