How To Make a Handmade Cork Pen Stand Using Natural Vegan Cork Fabric

 A pen stand is a must have above your home or office desk. Is by far the best way to stash your pens, pencils, and other office supplies. And what better way to have one, than to make one yourself?

Follow these next steps and make your own pen stand using our vegan leather natural cork fabrics:
  • you’ll need a circular bottom panel (3” diameter+ 1/4 inches seam allowance);
  • You’ll need a rectangular panel of length: 10 inches, height: 6 inches;
  • start with the top open side by folding it inward and make a stitch;
  • then we’ll be attaching the side panel and the bottom panel together; 
  • fold 1/2 inch inward and give a stitch as shown;
  • pin the sides together as shown according to the circumference of the circle;
  • stitch the sides together as shown;
  • pin together the side and the bottom panel, stitch them together (1/4 inch stitch);
  • stitch them together slowly to avoid slippage;
  • turn the stand inside out;
  • finish the raw inner edge cut out a circle same as the bottom cork panel and paste them together as shown;

  • press it neatly and let it dry;

A super cool and simple pen stand is now ready!

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