How to Make a Natural Cork Baguette Bag

 The classic baguette bag is a trend that withstand over the time. This design is and absolute must have to your bags collection, and what better option of a cork one? Actually, what better option than a cork one made by yourself?

Folllow these steps and create your own DIY Cork Baguette bag:

  • To make this bag we’ll need matching lining fabrics, thread and zipper
  • cut 2 pieces of the side panel, cut 1 piece bottom panel (repeat till here for lining), cut 2 pieces for the handle strap;
  • after cutting check if you have all these pieces before sewing;
  • pre-prep the strap (stitch-them together and finish the edge with an edging solution);
  • attach the zipper to the panels as shown;
  • make a top stitch on either sides to get a neat finish;
  • Stitch the sides together along with Linking panel this way;
  • pin them together neatly and start stitching. Make sure to go a bit slow in the corner curves;
  • next attach it to the other side this way;
  • again pin it along together and stitch them;
  • The main body of the bag is almost complete;
  • attach the prepared handles to bag (raw edge to be pushed inside the bag);
  • make small slashes to the curved corners to remove tension;
  • turn the bag inside out and check;
  • stitch the lining panels the same way you made the shell;
  • before finishing the bag make sure you press open the seams and glue them together;
  • attach the lining fabric (hand hem it or give top stitch along the zipper stitch line);

Your cute baguette bag is ready!

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