How to Make a Natural Cork Case for Your Sunglasses

Summer is officially here and it's time to get your sunglasses out and ready to use.
Either you are using one of our amazing cork sunglasses or any other, it's better to keep them safe with a glasses case. Even better then buy one, is to use your DIY sewing skills and creativity to make one yourself of your own taste using our beautiful vegan leather cork fabrics:


  • first we are going to cut a rectangular piece of pattern paper and add 0.75” darts at the bottom corners;
  • top length- 7 & 1/8 inches, Bottom length- 6 inches, centre height- 3 inches;
  • for the flap cut pattern as shown;
  • firstly we’ll stitch the darts, make the case then add the flap;
  • we have to cut 2 pieces in cork for flap, 2 pieces in cork for case, 2 pieces lining in cotton;
  • let’s fix the Velcro first as shown;
  • check alignment and sew them as shown; 
  • patch sew the 4 slides of the velcro;
  • now stitch together the two flaps of the case along the side and the bottom;
  • make sure you sew the edge curves with care;
  • make small slashes near the curves and turn it inside out;
  • make a top edge stitch to remove excess bulk;
  • stitch all along 4 sides of the flap;
  • now the flap is ready;
  • now let’s stitch the darts of the case;
  • darts for the cork panels and the lining panels one at a time;
  • fold and stitch them as shown;
  • your panels should look like this after sewing the darts;
  • now sew together the case panels as shown;

  • make a 1/4 inch seam along the sides and the bottom;
  • place the lining inside the cork case and stitch along one side leave the other side open;
  • pin them together neatly and stitch as shown;
  • attach the flap to the open side, sandwich it between the lining and the cork panel;
  • start with stitch the cork case and cork flap;
  • now make a top stitch of 1/8th inches to finish the pouch;
  • pin them together and stitch along the edge;

Take it on a sunny day and enjoy :)

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