How To Make a Natural Cork Cover Case For Notebook

If you love to write, take notes, or even draw and you just can't find the perfect cover for your notebook, we got your back 😉
Grab some natural cork fabrics and follow these instructions to create your very own Cork Notebook Case:
  • choose 2 cork fabrics which work well together;
  • use a notebook with preferably thin binding cover;


  • draft your pattern in the rear side of the fabric according to the measurements of your notebook;


  • cut your pattern pieces and assemble them and check preview
  • fold the corners of the inside panels and make a stitch;


  • attach the front and inside panels;


  • add a patch pocket pocket to your sleeve. Makes it more functional and interesting;


  • secure the pocket with double stitch line detail;
  • now stitch the top and bottom portions of the case;


  • make triangular cuts in each corner to get sharp edges;


  • now turn it inside out;
  • insert the case to the notebook;

 You cute notebook case is ready!

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