Know Your Cork Product!

Our main raw material, cork is natural and eco-friendly. Coated with a protective hydrophobic product and glued using a water-based glue for cork on a backing of polyester and cotton fabric, polyurethane coated. The decorative film is 100 % natural cork, not printed and is grouped in 3 types: Natural Cork; Colored Cork and Agglomerated Cork. Each type has several patterns available. Here is the breakup:

We at MB Cork are PETA Approved Vegan and we do not claim to create products that are 100% eco-friendly, and we are very transparent about what goes into our products. We do however believe in improving products that already exist in the market by creating their sustainable/ vegan version. That's why we chose accessories, to give you a better alternative to leather.
We always work to make our products even more sustainable and would love to hear any feedback that you think can help us in doing so.

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