How to Make a Pillow Case Using Natural Cork Fabric

Do you want to impress your guests and make your own pillowcases for your bedroom or guest room? Then you came to the perfect place to learn how to sew one with our unique natural cork fabrics :)

Just follow these simple steps and by the end of it you are going to be able to start creating your own DIY pillow case:

  • measure your pillow case;

  • list down the number of panels and take seperate measurements;
  • take the back panel measurements along with the zipper width;
  • cut your panels with stitching allowance (front and back);
  • let’s first assemble the front panels together; 
  • then assemble the back panels and join the two together;

  • place panel1 & panel2 together and make a 1/2 inch stitch;
  • now press open the seams and make a top stitch on both sides; 

  • after making the top stitch check of your stitches have fallen properly;
  • front panel is ready! Now let’s assemble the back panels;
  • attach the zipper to both the panels;
  • pin them together neatly and make a 1/4 inch stitch;
  • then make a top stitch pushing the seam to the panel side;
  • now similarly stitch the zipper to the other side;
  • now let’s stitch the 4 sides of the case together;
  • make sure you leave the zipper half open;
  • stitch the 4 sides and turn the case inside out;
Now the case is ready!
Add your old pillow or fill it with cotton/old scarp fabric :)

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