Cork Laptop Cases Made For You

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 If you are living in the 21st century then you definately need a resistant case to carry your laptop around, and what's better than cork?
 Cork Cases vs Leather Cases
Leather and Cork are materials known for their great resistance and durability, so they're make great briecases and laptop cases. But, only one of these is water and flame resistant, hypoallergenic and collected trough an ethical and sustainable method. So it's Cork for the win!
Only this week we have a special 40% off on one of our cork laptop cases, 3 patterns available. All you have to is to watch this video on YouTube and check out the description.

1 comment

  • Michael

    I like but want many more fun fabric choices examples: COF 125, 130, 177, 187-1, 414, maybe 210

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