Innovative Bio Materials

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Innovative fabrics are the future of fashion. Most of you are aware of the cork fabric that we produce with an oak tree bark. Likewise we continuously strive to produce more sustainable alternatives, to introduce new friendly materials to our audience. Products that we produce apart from cork are: paper fabric and coconut shell bags

Washable kraft fabric (also known a leather paper or Kraft-Tex). Basically, it is a lightweight kraft paper with high tear resistance, made of biodegradable natural fiber. The collection is a good alternative for plastic, it is washable and also durable in use. Washable paper is produced from cellulose fiber. This is a substrate of wood, and is a natural material.

Coconut is the tree of one thousand uses and one such use is to make high quality, coconut buttons. Buttons are made from coconut shells by first cutting out "blanks" using a tubular saw. These blanks are split to the required thickness to produce good quality output.
It may be hard to believe that any of these items could be used to create luxurious and stylish pieces, yet they absolutely have the potential to do so.
The best part about all three of these innovative materials are- they are exciting, eco-friendly and stylish.

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  • Viv Burgess

    Will you be getting anymore coconut purses please? They are proving really popular!

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