We No Longer Allow Visits To Our Premises

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We are really sorry to inform you,
but due to the Coronavirus situation worldwide,
we are no longer receiving clients to our premises until further date.
We are still working as normal, so you're welcome to continue your purchases as your orders will be sent as usual .
We hope that the situation will clear up soon,
and we also thank you for understanding.


Nous sommes vraiment désolés de vous informer,
mais en raison de la situation du coronavirus dans le monde,
nous ne recevons plus de clients dans nos locaux jusqu'à une date ultérieure.
Nous espérons que la situation s’éclaircira bientôt,
et nous vous remercions également de votre compréhension.
Nous prenons toujours les achats via notre site Web car nous travaillons toujours.
meilleures salutations

1 comment

  • Lynn Gerard

    Are you allowing visitors yet? I would love to see your facility since I’m selling so much of your product now.

    Lynn Gerard

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